I tutor children of all ages, starting as young as 3. If you are interested in more advanced courses, please click the 'adults and more advanced' tab above. 


  1. How are my lessons structured?
    1. ​​Establishing a routine for your child's English time at home is essential. I work to create well structured dependable lesson plans that focus on fully engaging the student. We will do certain activities at the same time every day. Children feel more comfortable and confident when they know what to expect with each lesson. 
    2. Playing games, listening to songs and using everyday examples: Children learn naturally when they are having fun! I have a variety of games to engage younger children to help them retain vocabulary quickly and not get bored! 
    3. Reading Stories
    4. Watching Videos 
    5. Building vocabulary through constant repetition 
  2. What about children who do not know any English? Younger children love picture books with bright colors and attractive illustrations. By looking at the pictures together and saying the words as we point to the pictures is a great tool for getting your child used to the sounds and rhythms of English. I work with children starting at the foundations of the language -ABCs! No experience or familiarity, no problem! 
  3. How long are lessons for children? 
    1. ​For younger children it is better to have short, frequent sessions as compared to long infrequent ones. 30-45 minutes (depending on the age of the child) is the recommended lesson time for young children yielding the most effective results. ***It is important to note that in the beginning it is better to have short lessons in order to hold your child’s attention. I will gradually make sessions longer as your child gets older and their concentration span increases.

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1 hour lesson - 120NIS 
30 minutes - 60NIS 
In person and online courses/ lessons are available. Contact me to schedule your free trial lesson today.   


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